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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come join our Baking Classes!

Alhamdulillah.. can't believe finally we decided to open classes for cake decorating. So far, we have been doing it for friends and neighbours without really thinking of doing it full time..

Check out our courses here!

Let's just give some sneak previews! Apart from the hands-on cake decorating classes, insyaallah we will have demo on:

1) breakfast special ; omellette (without having to crack so many eggs, pancake (bukan lempeng tau!), roti jala (still thinking what to fit in here)
2) sandwiches ; chicken mayo, egg mayo, coney dog, roti john.
3) making donuts; how to make boston creme filling, and butterscotch topping

Join us ya!

If you wanna join, just mail us and let us know your contact number, as well as the course that you wanna join. We'll open our very first class soon (date not yet determined).
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