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Monday, January 3, 2011

Party Pack n Wedding Favours!!! Thanks Dhira, Ainur, Yaya & Kak Inah!!

Double Mini Cuppies in Container!! We just loooovvveee it!!! Bazirah! hope you like it!!! Thanks Dhira!
Medium size Cuppies in Dome Container.. ordered by Ainur.. Thanks Ainur! The size is just nice for the container.. just mail us if you are interested ya!

This one was ordered by Yaya! 5 pcs of choc grated cookies in each pack!

This one was ordered by our lovely Kak Inah... The plactic was provided by her..

Some of the plastic were torn and we had to pack with some plain ones :D err sory kak inah!!!

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NinazCakes Hits the Road!!!

What an experience!!! We had a great time waiting at the stall while catching up with our friends from the same 'Taman'. Though our first batch of orange cuppies went a bit hangit, we used them as testers and some even managed to be sold at a very lower price.. Actually, it was not hangit, it just was not presentable.. Surprisingly.. some of the customers came back for more! Here are some of the glimpse.. Below.. the mini orange cuppies with topping and filling. If you are really interested, just mail us ya.. perhaps when sharing with your friends, you get to buy smaller packages and share the delivery.. Halfway through, it rained really heavily..

These are our little helper.. snapped just before we went running in the rain, leaving everything behind.. It was really scary and we didn't want to wait anymore.. :D

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thanks Mummies for Daddies' Birthday Cakes!

Ninazcakes is just soo happy to know that there are many romantic mommies out there! We do get this kind of upgraded cake order.. Hehe... something more special for Mr Hubby! Let the marathon begins..

The first one was ordered by Aie.. one of our regular customer.. actually Aie works at our kids' school :D Aie insists on lots and lots of cherries and chocolate! We are as excited as you are! Thanks ya! The next one was ordered by our neighbour, Azlina.. Hope you like it Ina.. because we are not happy with the chocolate grated hmmm...

This one was a double surprise another neighbour, Ekin. She wanted to surprise her husband, that day, we were at our Taman's Carnival. We showed her a plain cake.. the truth is we baked her a love shape with chocolate roses for her anniversary hehe.. That night, when we delivered, we were supposed to leave the cake on her car.. Aiyooo! sungguh saspen.. takut jatuh! Happy Anniversary Ekin and Hubby.. Semoga Allah merahmati perkahwinanmu dan diberikan kasih yang berpanjangan.. amiin.. [tolong amin sekali tauu!!]..

This one was actually for our family but it fits for a daddy's birthday cake!

Our kids just love it and we really think it's gonna be a hit! Layered with almond nibs.. it's a sure winner!

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Thanks Lina for the Barney Cake!

Barney?? The toughest part was the smile.. [sigh].. Thanks Lina for ordering.. Actually, Lina's husband was even more excited about the cake than Muhaimin hehe..
This cake is actually 2kg cake. The best part about our cake is the fact that it is topped with ganache first, then topped with buttercream for the colour! yummy!!!

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Marvelous Marble Cheese! Thanks Zaini and Ida!

Marble Cheese! We just love Marble Cheese! In fact, normally, it won't last for hours.. Our kids just love the chocolatey cheesy cake... always ask for more! Well, these two cakes were ordered by our neighbour who must have got our number from the brochure we sent :D Thanks for the order ya, Zaini!
The other order was from Ida, a friend of our friend who have already become our friend :D We thought, since it was meant for hantaran cake, we baked it love shape and thought that it looked great!But then, minutes later, we saw that the cake started to crack (pix below) and fell apart. I guess, the love shape was not meant for marble cheese.. [sigh] unless you really let it cool and set before removing it on the cake board. Ida was going to pick up the cake and luckily Ida was still packing and we had another 2.5 hours to bake another cake. We decided to give the cracked cake to Ida to taste the cake.. Yelah... nanti dah buat hantaran, tak merasa ya? Alhamdulillah.. rezeki Ida ya..

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Pretty Princesses! Thanks Ipah, Ifah,Norley and Bha!

Thanks Norley for ordering! Well, Norley let us decide on the edible image and told us that her daughter, Fatini, just love anything pinkish! Thanks for the tagging at facebook ya! Another princess-themed birthday cake, ordered by our little sis' friend, Iffah. Err.. we couldn't reach her on the delivery day as the number we dialled was definitely not her husband. Our delivery boy a.k.a bis partner couldn't find her place.. Sorry we got you worried Iffah. Next time, we really have to jot down properly hehe. Btw, Dear Mr. Delivery, Really good time to get a GPS, eh? [hint hint ;D].. Thanks Iffah!

The next cake is for Bha! All the girlish princess.. Our kids were really excited that the edible images look like Mickey Mouse hehe.. Thanks Bha. We haven't heard any feedback from her.. Hope she likes it.. :D

Thanks Ipah! It's a Barbie Cake for Humairah.. Actually, there's a loonng story behind this Barbie cake. It was meant for Yaya.. but Yayah's son got admitted because of dengue that she had to postpone the party, Ipah came to the rescue to save this cake.. Sorry Yayah! Glad that it was quite a speedy recovery for your son!
Back view; specially suggested by our daughter; cake decorator in the making hehe!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthdays! Thanks Ekin, Kak Rafidah, Bha, n Cik Cen!

Ironically, the one who intended to order number 1 cake was Bha, but then, it materialized when Ekin ordered for her 1-year-old son, siap tag lagi gambaq kat facebook na! thanks ekin. This one is 2kg.

It's a surprise for Syahmi; the Upin Ipin edible. Actually, Syahmi attended our Intensive English Course and his mom ordered for his birthday. Syahmi is such a cooperative student in our class that we decided to surprise him with the deco. Thanks Kak Rafidah!
Bha ordered this cake for his son.. We ordered the customised edible image just to get the Superman image to match his Superman outfit. Thanks Bha! Actually Bha ordered 2 cakes but the other one is posted under Princess cakes :D!

The last but not least, it's a hantaran-like cake for these girlish girls for their birthday !!! Can't get enough of the roses, eh? It's for my sister in law and her colleague! Well, they said the cake not only look pretty but also yummy! Glad to hear that!! Lucky you guys, the roses were just enough for each and everyone! Thanks gurls!

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More and More Cuppies! Thanks Bangcik, Elin, and Marina!

These cuppies were specially decorated for our niece, Hanna.. It's medium cuppies (25 per box compared to 42 per box for the mini size)The left one was for Hanna's Kindy, while the right was for Hasnah's (Hanna's mummy) office! We really should get more nozzles.. hehe.. need to practice more.. Thanks Bangcik and Hasnah!

Elin came to our house to pick up the cuppies herself.. Busy with our huge delivery at the moment.. we only served tea and 'biskut kering' for dinner. :D Elin is our sister in law, Hasnah's sister.. (Well, today's English lesson is apostrophe 's'. It shows belonging! hahahaahaa. I think I've gone mad with buttercream and chocolate ganache overdose)

This is the other box ordered by Elin for her friend's engagement! We delivered them to her house and Elin and Jojie served us realllly soofft 'Cucur'. We tried making exactly the way they make the cucur.. but it didn't turn out to be as soft and tasty as theirs. Maybe we should ask for a demo :D Thanks Elin and Jojie!
This was ordered by a friend, Mastura.. It's a new tasty flavour, Orange with Chocolate Filling! Well, there's a new flavour too, actually, vanilla and chocolate orange topping! even yummier.. Being a cupcake fan ourselves.. we really could not decide which one we like best! But anything chocolatey with a tinge of orange is a hit!!! We loike!!!!

This one was ordered by Marina, our neighbour whose sons attend our English classes :D (Yes, we do have English Courses.. both our passions; baking and teaching!) Thanks Marina!

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Carrot Cheeze Craze! Thanks Kak Wan, Sharom and Kak Munirah!

Our family is really crazy about carrot cake with walnut and raisins. One special thing about our carrot cake is the addition of grated nutmeg.. which makes it different from ordinary carrot cake. Kak Wan was our very first customer and now she's back for more! She loves it crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside, without the topping of course. So, she ordered 2 cakes, one with topping, and the other one is plain. Our kids were really frustrated thinking that we made one extra for them.. hehe.. sorry guys! This one was extra crunchy specially for Kak Wan! In case you are wondering, it's 1kg in 9" pan (thinner yet bigger) so more people can dig in! Thanks Kak Wan!

This was our first attempt on carrot mini cuppies (slightly less than 2"), ordered by Sharom, a brother of our friend! Same box, 42 pieces... Thanks Sharom!

We found out we forgot to publish this carrot cake hehe.. ordered by our cousin, Kak Munirah in Serendah. We agreed to send them to Serendah since we are attending the ceremony but later found out that our kids had school that day. So, we sent our kids, went to Serendah to deliver and came back quickly even before the ceremony started to pick up our kids.
Thanks Kak Munirah for the order (and for feeding us though the buffet was not yet to be eaten hehe!)

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