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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Has! Thanks Bangcik! Cikgu Shira.. we'll miss you!

Thanks for the order ya Has.. it has been ages since she ordered but we have been really busy with the order and deliveries that we barely have time to update the site [sigh].. well free time is spent catching up with friends as well as blitzing hehehe..

So, here's Has' Barbie cake for her daughter, Iffa.. 1kg.. red! It was fun being part of the surprise party! We loike!!!

Here's for our niece, Hannah.. Thanks to Elin, bangcik's sis in law, who brought this all the way to Klang.. bet it was not that fun carrying the cake during the journey.. saspen.. hehehe... Hanna's colour was pink with a touch of yellow.. as agreed. This one, 1kg + 1.5kg (base) so it's 2.5kg.

This one was ordered by our son for his teacher who was leaving school. Never in my life feeling so sad decorating cake. Syira is our friend.. may your future brighter at your new place. Keep in touch ya Syira! You know we miss you already even before you moved :( Err.. actually Irfan wanted to eat the cake with you hehe..The cake is a bit messy.. it was a surprise for our son.. the deco was done in 40 minutes.. hence the bad bad writing hehehehe.. By the way.. the cake is 1kg+2kg (3kg).. enough to feed 40 hungry people ;D


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