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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How You can Help | NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fundraising_text only

We welcome you to be part of the charity and enjoy the act of your charity by donating and enjoying the cakes! If you are on a diet and feel like donating without buying, we are grateful for any amount even if it’s less than one ringgit because every cent donated will definitely be appreciated and when put together, it’s gonna be big!
Perhaps,.. you can join forces by lending us your time (according to your expertise be it prayers, coaching, consultation, or even excellent-condition-pre-loved items!). We’d love to hear from you! Contact us @ for the help you can offer! Tempt us! Or you can :
Buy Syahrel’s Box of Love @ NinazCakes RM25.00 (5 slices; Marble Cheese, Red Velvet, Chocolate Moist, Orange Chocolate and Carrot Cake) and RM5 flat will be in Syahrel’s Fund!*
Syahrel’s Chocky Loaf @ NinazCakes RM15.00 and RM5 flat will be in Syahrel’s Fund!*
We also have Syahrel’s 10+1 (For every 10 boxes / Loaves you buy.. 1 will be yours FREE! Just share this with your friends, take and place order, make payment and collect from us! You’ll get yours free! All for your hard work to make this fund-raising a reality!)* If you want to buy a single box, no problem but we will group the order and let you know when the box is ready.
*Terms and conditions apply
*Price does not include delivery charges
*Check out our free delivery pickup-points
And if you ever wonder why we are doing this.. It’s because we believe that any support and prayers will help Syahrel to go on! Maybe we should learn from him.. maybe we should be more grateful for what we have.. maybe we should pray that if we are ever tested.. we have the strength to go on.. semoga dikurniakan kekuatan untuk menghadapinya.. amiin


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