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Monday, June 27, 2011

Come and Join us!!! You can help this Superman!!! ;D

Proudly, we are launching our NinazCakes Fund Raising for Syahr El Aziz, our junior back then in college (PPP/ITM / UKM). Actually, this fund raising has been going on since May 2o11 among our friends. However, some of our friends' friends are eager to help that we try to make it bigger! Alhamdulillah.. this fund raising started with our batch mates buying for their own consumption and extended the kind gestures by selling the cakes to their friends that we thought it would be better if we give the real story behind the charity sale!

Alhamdulillah.. not only did we have people enjoying and selling the cakes, we also had Syahrel himself making us understand his diagnose better with the help of a doctor friend who put it in simple words for better understanding of Syahrel's condition as well as another friend who allowed us to copy her words from her Facebook wall when creating this Charity Write Up! All in the name of love!! Just click on the pictures below and zoom while we make another entry for those who can't access the pix! We welcome any form of help and hope that this Charity will be successful for Syahrel.. Let's just pray for the best!
Join our giveaway now!! ;D


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