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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pretty Princesses! Thanks Ipah, Ifah,Norley and Bha!

Thanks Norley for ordering! Well, Norley let us decide on the edible image and told us that her daughter, Fatini, just love anything pinkish! Thanks for the tagging at facebook ya! Another princess-themed birthday cake, ordered by our little sis' friend, Iffah. Err.. we couldn't reach her on the delivery day as the number we dialled was definitely not her husband. Our delivery boy a.k.a bis partner couldn't find her place.. Sorry we got you worried Iffah. Next time, we really have to jot down properly hehe. Btw, Dear Mr. Delivery, Really good time to get a GPS, eh? [hint hint ;D].. Thanks Iffah!

The next cake is for Bha! All the girlish princess.. Our kids were really excited that the edible images look like Mickey Mouse hehe.. Thanks Bha. We haven't heard any feedback from her.. Hope she likes it.. :D

Thanks Ipah! It's a Barbie Cake for Humairah.. Actually, there's a loonng story behind this Barbie cake. It was meant for Yaya.. but Yayah's son got admitted because of dengue that she had to postpone the party, Ipah came to the rescue to save this cake.. Sorry Yayah! Glad that it was quite a speedy recovery for your son!
Back view; specially suggested by our daughter; cake decorator in the making hehe!


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