We are only available for self pick up at Taman Sutera, Kajang.
All cakes are exclusively baked for you.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Very First Fondant Cake!

Thanks Mizz Lala n Julie for having the faith in us! We totally love it. Though nervous at first, we are glad it went well.. Alhamdulillah.. It's Carrot Walnut with Raisin and Cream Cheese Topping.. decorated with fondant! We loike!!!

Here's the cake before we put the fondant figurines.. Below are the small detail we prepared earlier.. One thing about fondant is .. because we paid so much attention in Art Classes back then in Primary School.. the timing is just sooo unpredictable.

Here's Mr. Teddy! The blue one we practised before hand was safe in Irfan's tummy (our fourth child) hehehe.
From left; blankie, pillow, pacifier, milk bottle (though we prefer breast milk hehe) Mr. Teddy, baby (not yet assembl and a rattle).
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mari Join Giveaway - 2 hari saja lagi!

Sempena NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fund Raising, kami akan mengadakan satu 'giveaway'! Ramai yang tanya pasal giveaway nih. Giveaway tu kan .. saja-sajalah kami nak bagi hadiah! Tanda terima kasih buat yang sudi berganding tangan untuk menjayakan 'Fund Raising' untuk Syahr El. Tak kurang jugak yang tanya.. siapakah Syahr El yang kami gembar-gemburkan.

Sebenarnya.. Syahr El ni junior kami masa di kolej.. Pada asalnya Syahr El mendapat kencing manis dan hypertension pada usia yang muda 16. Dipendekkan cerita.. sekarang ini Syahr El berada di hospital, berjuang berhabis-habisan walaupun kedua-dua kaki (lutut ke bawah) tiada dan baru-baru ini disahkan lumpuh dari pinggang ke bawah. Baca cerita Syahr El di sini.

NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz's Giveaway

Giveaway ni senang giler. Ada dua kategori; Kategori Facebook dan Kategori Blogger! Hadiah pun boleh pilih sendiri hehehe

Hadiah Kategori Facebook - Voucher NinazCakes bernilai RM60
Hadiah Kategori Blog - Voucher NinazCakes bernilai RM80

Lucky Draw Facebook - Oaty Grated Cookies 250gm
Lucky Draw Blog - Oaty Grated Cookies 250gm

Ada surprise tawww!!!

Sebenarnya kami nak jugak bagi hadiah macam2 kan tapi kalau bagi voucher boleh la pilih sendiri.. nak grated cookies ke.. nak Red Velvet ke.. nak tepung premix cookies ke (NEW). Masuk tau.. kami nak Syahr El kuat menghadapi ujiannya!! Kita bagi dia happy-happy skit ya!! muah! sayang korang semua!!!

Kategori Facebook!

Step 1) Pergi ke Page NinazCakes @ FB, 'Like' NinazCakes
Step 2) Pergi ke Photo, dan pergi ke Album
Step 3) Berikan kata semangat atau doa buat Syahr El

Kategori Blog!

Step 1) Jadi follower NinazCakes
Step 2) Buat satu entry mengenai Giveaway ini.
Step 3) Berikan kata semangat / doa buat Syahr El dalam entry tersebut
Step 4) Copy 'button' Join NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fund Raising Giveaway! kat side banner di blog anda (yang ada kat belah kanan atas blog kami, copy je dari box bawah gambar tu, add gadget -> HTML -> paste code yg anda copy tadi) voila nanti keluar la gambar tuuu!!
Step 4) Copy kata-kata semangat / doa anda tadi di ruangan komen ini.. sertakan sekali blog address, nama dan email anda.. (facebook pun boleh.. senang nanti kami nak bagitau pemenang nanti)

Jangan lupa kau.. kalau kategori blog mesti ada 3 syarat.. 1) jadi follower 2) ada side banner NinazCakes tadi 3) mesti tinggal komen.. Jangan tak cuba tau.. Hadiahnya kami tulis kat bawah ni.. :D

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How You can Help | NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fundraising_text only

We welcome you to be part of the charity and enjoy the act of your charity by donating and enjoying the cakes! If you are on a diet and feel like donating without buying, we are grateful for any amount even if it’s less than one ringgit because every cent donated will definitely be appreciated and when put together, it’s gonna be big!
Perhaps,.. you can join forces by lending us your time (according to your expertise be it prayers, coaching, consultation, or even excellent-condition-pre-loved items!). We’d love to hear from you! Contact us @ for the help you can offer! Tempt us! Or you can :
Buy Syahrel’s Box of Love @ NinazCakes RM25.00 (5 slices; Marble Cheese, Red Velvet, Chocolate Moist, Orange Chocolate and Carrot Cake) and RM5 flat will be in Syahrel’s Fund!*
Syahrel’s Chocky Loaf @ NinazCakes RM15.00 and RM5 flat will be in Syahrel’s Fund!*
We also have Syahrel’s 10+1 (For every 10 boxes / Loaves you buy.. 1 will be yours FREE! Just share this with your friends, take and place order, make payment and collect from us! You’ll get yours free! All for your hard work to make this fund-raising a reality!)* If you want to buy a single box, no problem but we will group the order and let you know when the box is ready.
*Terms and conditions apply
*Price does not include delivery charges
*Check out our free delivery pickup-points
And if you ever wonder why we are doing this.. It’s because we believe that any support and prayers will help Syahrel to go on! Maybe we should learn from him.. maybe we should be more grateful for what we have.. maybe we should pray that if we are ever tested.. we have the strength to go on.. semoga dikurniakan kekuatan untuk menghadapinya.. amiin
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The Story | NinazCakes Syahr El Aziz Fundraising_Text only

This big fan of Shiela Majid and Superman was initially diagnosed with diabetis mellitus type I and hypertension, at the age of 16. He lost his right leg (2008) and left leg (2009). Both below knees, both because of gangrene. At the end of the same year, he also developed end-stage renal failure (ESRF) where both of his kidneys failed to function and has to depend on haemodialysis machine 3 times a week.

Things got worse when he was diagnosed with MRSA infection (MRSA=methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) -- a multidrug resistant bug, that can only killed by very limited drugs that available in our market. The infection spreaded to other parts of his body. Though MRSA cleared the same year, it recurred in 2009 and 2010 causing his left index finger to be amputated, ampeyama (abscess a.k.a pus in the lung) as well as infection to the spine (level s5 & s6-Waist down).

Infection at the spine caused the removal of 2 spinal bones (laminectonomy) and his right joint which was later removed in April 2011 causing paralysis to the right leg. Recently seen through MRI, the infection has spread again in the spine area (level t9 & t10-) and yet surgery could not be done due to the current condition. The abscess had caused permanent paralysis waist down since May 2011 and he is now bed-ridden, still at the hospital yet very positive about life which we really adore! Next: Come join our Charity Drive!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Come and Join us!!! You can help this Superman!!! ;D

Proudly, we are launching our NinazCakes Fund Raising for Syahr El Aziz, our junior back then in college (PPP/ITM / UKM). Actually, this fund raising has been going on since May 2o11 among our friends. However, some of our friends' friends are eager to help that we try to make it bigger! Alhamdulillah.. this fund raising started with our batch mates buying for their own consumption and extended the kind gestures by selling the cakes to their friends that we thought it would be better if we give the real story behind the charity sale!

Alhamdulillah.. not only did we have people enjoying and selling the cakes, we also had Syahrel himself making us understand his diagnose better with the help of a doctor friend who put it in simple words for better understanding of Syahrel's condition as well as another friend who allowed us to copy her words from her Facebook wall when creating this Charity Write Up! All in the name of love!! Just click on the pictures below and zoom while we make another entry for those who can't access the pix! We welcome any form of help and hope that this Charity will be successful for Syahrel.. Let's just pray for the best!
Join our giveaway now!! ;D
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Hantaran oh Hantaran. Thank you all!!

Sebenarnya kek-kek hantaran ni dah berabuk dah duduk dalam pc tapi memang tak ada masa untuk update (errr.. sisa-sisa masa tu dok layan facebook dan main bejewelled kot hehe). Hantaran Cupcake dengan Fondant bertema biru. Thanks bagi yang order.. sebenarnya jauh ordernya.. kawan adik punya best friend punya babysitter punya anak .. fuuuuh! jauh tuuu!! ;D

1st Red Velvet Hantaran Cake with Chocolate Roses and Strawberry.. Sebenarnya kami pun lupa nak tanya tema warna apa.. letak je riben merah sebab kalau dah Red Velvet tu serba-serbi pun teringat merah.. Bila dah deliver baru terfikir...

Sedikit close up! Harganya sama macam kek hantaran coklat.

Rasa macam nak makan je.. isy isy isy..

Yang ni pulak hantaran kek coklat dengan 'chocolate roses' bertemakan pink lembut! Memang nak pink lembut. Tempahan kek ni dibuat pada waktu kecedaraan.. Memang emergency habis ;D

Nasib baik memang ada ribbon pink cuma tak ada pink lembut, terpaksalah pakai pink striking ni hehehe..
Ini pulak.. cupcakes untuk hidangan.. siap ada initial.. Jenuh jugak menulis satu-satu.. Yelah kan... mini cupcake kena squeeze sikit.. nanti tak muat pulak huruf M tu :D Tengah-tengah menulis dah separuh.. tiba-tiba je gabra.. "Initial dia memang M n F kan?" Hehe Saja buat gempak.. Tapi kalau salah.. jenuh jugaklah ya.. nak sapu balik topping tu..

Alang-alang Seily ni mengorder.. borong sekali dengan Red Velvet dan Chocolate Cake..
Bila dah susun macam ni.. suka sangat hati! Okaylah ya.. nanti nina upload gambar lagi.. Semoga Pengantin-pengantin yang makan kek ni.. mendapat kebahagiaan yang berpanjangan dunia akhirat.. amiin..

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks Has! Thanks Bangcik! Cikgu Shira.. we'll miss you!

Thanks for the order ya Has.. it has been ages since she ordered but we have been really busy with the order and deliveries that we barely have time to update the site [sigh].. well free time is spent catching up with friends as well as blitzing hehehe..

So, here's Has' Barbie cake for her daughter, Iffa.. 1kg.. red! It was fun being part of the surprise party! We loike!!!

Here's for our niece, Hannah.. Thanks to Elin, bangcik's sis in law, who brought this all the way to Klang.. bet it was not that fun carrying the cake during the journey.. saspen.. hehehe... Hanna's colour was pink with a touch of yellow.. as agreed. This one, 1kg + 1.5kg (base) so it's 2.5kg.

This one was ordered by our son for his teacher who was leaving school. Never in my life feeling so sad decorating cake. Syira is our friend.. may your future brighter at your new place. Keep in touch ya Syira! You know we miss you already even before you moved :( Err.. actually Irfan wanted to eat the cake with you hehe..The cake is a bit messy.. it was a surprise for our son.. the deco was done in 40 minutes.. hence the bad bad writing hehehehe.. By the way.. the cake is 1kg+2kg (3kg).. enough to feed 40 hungry people ;D

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day Special


It's Father's Day celebration... :-)

We have Traditional Marble Butter Cake 9" Round @ RM30.00 (available in Vanila or Orange.. Kek Dolu-dolu yang memang soft, light dan buttery).

Also available Red Velvet 7" full with Strawberries @RM50.00 and 9" full with Strawberries @RM75.00

And don't forget our famous Moist Chocolate Cake 7"Square @RM40.00 and 9" Round @RM60.00

Plus, our Carrot Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Topping 9" Round @RM60.00

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful fathers out there!!
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Thanks Aiza.. for our very first Fondant Cuppies!

When we received this order, we were thrilled. It was an order by our dear friend, Aiza for her baby, Zea's Aqiqah! We just love the smell of the fondant! It's Vanilla with Strawberry Flavoured Fondant.. Actually it's supposed to be softer pink but we didn't know colours deepen with time.
Just before the delivery.. at 12a.m. Yes, you heard us right, we started moulding the fondant since 3pm and took us that much time to deco.. :D Sorry Zaf (Aiza's darling hubby) who had to stay up to wait for our delivery!
Here's a close-up of the cuppies! Our kids were fast asleep and could only choose their favourite from the camera.. I remember how our kids rushed down in the morning asking.. "Where are the cupcakes" and we swear we saw disappointment when we told them they were already delivered!
What a satisfaction to see all these cute little cuppies nicely arranged in the box. Thanks Aiza.. kesian tunggu sampai tertidur hehe

By the way, our son's favourite.. surprisingly his favourite is the simplest and the easiest to make!!
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Selamat Hari Guru!

Selamat Hari Guru semua!! Hari Guru tahun ni memang NinazCakes agak sibuk! Sibuk dengan order tu tak lah sangat tapi baking dengan anak yang masih menyusu tu agak mencabar! Yang atas ni Red Velvet dan Moist Chocolate Cake khas buat warga Pendidik SMK Pandan Mewah!

Yang ni pulak Marble Cheese buat Warga Pendidik SERI / SEMI Abim Sg. Ramal! It's their favourite Cake!
Yang ini pulak Red Velvet untuk Tadika Nur Addin yang kepenatan sebab hari sebelumnya Hari SUkan!

Yang ini Corporate Gift.. Ada cuppies dan ada jugak kek sekilo!

Cuppies yang siap untuk dihantar!

Kek-kek yang sedang menunggu untuk dibubuh topping! Ramai tuuu!!

Close up skit!
Kek-kek yang separuh siap! Kelam kabut jugak dibuatnya walaupun deco biasa..

Akhirnya siap jugak! Alhamdulillah.. :D

Selamat Hari Guru semua!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Specials!

For this Mother's Day, Red Velvet was a big hit! Next comes Carrot Cake! So, here's the Mother's Day Marathon.. We spent that Saturday to Titiwangsa, Greenwood, Taman Permata and finally Pandan Indah! Then, off we go to pray at Petronas Station and went to treat the kids at Johnny for being super duper patient! Thanks guys!

Red Velvet with Strawberry deco for Aizat.. We're really sure his mom would be really flattered! Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh ya Aizat amiin..

This one was for our dear friend.. who's meeting her mom in Melaka!

This one was for our friend, Haida for both her mother and mother in law.. One of these cakes travelled all the way to her beloved mother in law! :D Thanks Haida!

Carrot Cake for Nawwal in Taman Permata. We did her wedding cake the other day ;D Hope we will be in more of your important events! Baby shower perhaps hehehehe

These were ordered by our friends Affendy and Jaja! Carrot Cake and Red Velvet! They first tasted the carrot cake during a mini-meet up with standard 6 school mates and yes, we were classmates back then in standard 6. Glad you guys like it!

The last one for Mother's Day Marathon.. ordered by Zauyah.. our friends ordered earlier and brought it to work! Thanks Zauyah and thanks to Dal & Udeen for introducing us! We loikee!!!

To all the wonderful moms out there! For us, every day is Mother's Day. Don't forget to pray for our parents ya.. Without them, we are nothing. :D
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New | A Bouquet of Love for Your Loved Ones!

Introducing our latest Product! A Bouquet of Love!!! Wowee!! We totally like it and hope you like it too!!!! What we like most about this bouquet is the cuppies comes with containers and lids! So, your cuppies are safe!
Err.. wanna see the expression of your loved ones when they receive?

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Come join our Baking Classes!

Alhamdulillah.. can't believe finally we decided to open classes for cake decorating. So far, we have been doing it for friends and neighbours without really thinking of doing it full time..

Check out our courses here!

Let's just give some sneak previews! Apart from the hands-on cake decorating classes, insyaallah we will have demo on:

1) breakfast special ; omellette (without having to crack so many eggs, pancake (bukan lempeng tau!), roti jala (still thinking what to fit in here)
2) sandwiches ; chicken mayo, egg mayo, coney dog, roti john.
3) making donuts; how to make boston creme filling, and butterscotch topping

Join us ya!

If you wanna join, just mail us and let us know your contact number, as well as the course that you wanna join. We'll open our very first class soon (date not yet determined).
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saja Bercerita (Journal Ninazcakes)

Hi semua! Assalamualaikum.. Sebenarnya kali ni Ninazcakes saja ingin berkongsi cerita.. 2011 ni sebenarnya tahun yang keenam kami berniaga tapi tahun inilah tahun yang kami berdua betul-betul 'serius' membuatnya sepenuh masa. Kek-kek kami kesemuanya adalah 'home made' buatan kami sendiri. Sebenarnya kek kami pun tak banyak jenis. Apa yang pasti, kek kami adalah kek yang betul-betul disukai oleh anak-anak dan rakan-rakan kami yang merupakan 'customer', 'tester', tukang habiskan kek-kek yang tak jadi sepanjang RnD kami.

Buat masa ini, kami masih lagi di dalam proses RnD Red Velvet. Walaupun ada permintaan untuk membeli RV kami, kami masih lagi mencari-cari resepi yang paling disukai oleh anak-anak dan rakan-rakan kami. Pada masa yang sama, mestilah kami mencari bahan yang tak terlalu mahal. Resepi asal RV menggunakan keju mascarpone! Harganya memang boleh tahan.. untuk membuatnya menggunakan resepi asal sahaja mencecah puluhan ringgit hanya untuk membuat toppingnya sahaja. Belum termasuk kek, utiliti dan keuntungan. Kali ini sahaja, kami telah pun mencuba 6 kali RV sambil membanding beza rasanya. Alhamdulillah.. yang dicari-cari sudah pun ditemui. Tunggu ya kehadiran RV di webbie kami.

p/s Homemade bagi kami begitu istimewa.. kerana ianya dibakar mengikut tempahan. Fresh gitu! Telur-telur dibasuh dan dibilas dengan air mutlak. Kalau di negara luar, homemade itu dikira ekslusif kerana ia tidak dibuat secara 'bulk' seperti kilang. Itu yang sedih tu bila ada yang menawar-nawar harga (yang sememangnya rendah berbanding harga kedai jika dinilai dari segi rasa dan kualitinya). Bagi yang selama ini menjadi tulang belakang produk kami, kami ucapkan jutaan terima kasih. Kami masih lagi di sini kerana mu..
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks Kak Ani n Kak Inah! (wow! nama nak serupa.. just reverse the vowel hehe)

Hmmm.. We have been really busy lately that we have postponed this entry. I think Kak Inah had ordered about 3 more cakes after this one hehe.. Anyway.. these two cakes were ordered by our GBS (Geng Bas Sekolah) delivered on the morning of our lepakking day!

Here's the name of the birthday girl! Hopefully your mommy was not angry for putting a sexy mermaid on your cake! hehe Semoga menjadi anak yang solehah amiin...

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