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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks Irfan, Darwisy and Ida!

Ever since our friend, Yayah, ordered her 2-tiered Ben 10 cake (well, actually she wanted a 3D Ben 10 cake which is definitely beyond our expertised and offered this 2-tiered cake instead hehe), this cake has been quite a hit! Well, it's 2.5kg! Not bad eh? Actually it's really affordable for those who wants a grand looking cake that will oohh and aahhh the crowd. So, here we are.

The first one was made for our son, Irfan, who really drool over the Ben 10 cake.. We realized that the cake is too big for 10 people.. We invited our neighbour next door as well as a family friend and "tapaued" for them as everyone was full after dinner :D Oh! it's Upin and Ipin..

This one was ordered for Darwisy, err.. our school holiday Intensive English Course participant.. hehe

Top view!Here's a 2-tiered Princess themed Cake for Ekin.. Despite the 2.5kg cake, she didn't manage to taste.. gone really fast, she said.. She is one of those happy customers! Thanks Ekin!

Top view!

The last one was ordered by Ida.. who ate the 2-tiered-cake at Yaya's son's birthday but requested a smaller one as they have another cake.. So, this one is 1.5kg. Actually, we had to trim the 1kg cake to make it smaller but as you can see, it looked more like a crown to me :( Sorry Ida.. But then, Ida called us and told us that the cake was not enough hehe. Thanks Ida!

Top view!

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Thanks Kak Ariza, Ilah, Zue and Kak Farihah!

Thanks Kak Ariza.. Kak Ariza ordered the cake when she got our number from our dearest friend, Zue! Thanks Zue for promoting! As you can guest, Kak Ariza is a teacher! Selamat Pagi, cikgu!!! Here's the contagious cake ordered by Zue.. Long time no see, eh Zue.. Adam is already 1.. I remember we got pregnant almost at the same time! :D

This one's from Ila.. She asked us to cut.. but we dared not, in case they all scattered in the box! I'm sure the dialysis centre staff would have a heart attack looking at the scattered cakes hahahaha.. so we marked the cake 1" per square..

Thanks for ordering, Kak Farihah.. This one turned out nice.. Wait for our baking blooper entry for Kak Farihah's cake hehe.. In case you are wondering.. we do have baking bloopers! To err is human ;D

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Thanks Dear Mastura!

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed to have a customer like Mastura.. Not because she ordered in bulk but then she really makes our delivery real easy! We really appreciate it, Mastura! These are compilation of her orders from her daughter's engagement as well as the big day!

Different coloured ribbon to differenciate between topping and filling! Below is the chocolate chip as wedding favour! Aren't they cute!! The great thing is .. the chocolate grated cookies can stand on its own.. Bak kata Mastura, "The chocolate cookies are perfect!!!" We loike!!!

Below is another order for Mastura's daughter's birthday together with a few boxes for a meeting :D

Well, this was the picture of MMS that we sent to Mastura for the container of the cuppies..

Here's the pic of the container in action.. Mini Combo.. Orange and Chocolate Mini Cuppies with filling. Poor Mastura had to take out all the cuppies. It didn't fit the goody bag.. Our lesson.. next time must show customer the real thing or perhaps give the dimension of the container..

Luckily the delivery was split into two deliveries. So, for the remaining of the delivery, we sent them in boxes to be packed. We were armed with the sealer machine, tape dispenser and stuff in case Mastura needed our help :D

Our model posing with the mini cuppies!

We decided to give complimentary cake for her but then.. I was nursing my baby and asked one of our kids to check on the cake with a 'lidi". He said it was clean.. the minute he took it out, kaboosh! it went flat in the center.. We put 3 mini cuppies to fill up.. because we had no time to rebake.. Of course we let her know about it hehe.. Ninazcakes Tip: Insert lidi in the middle of the cake to ensure that the cake if fully cooked :D

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanks Azizul!

It's a special cake for Azizul's daughter and son.. Azizul wanted something special for both.. This side it's Under the Sea theme with chocolate for Amira.
Another side is Ben 10 for Mikhail and Azizul himself!!
Tada!!!! Heard Amira was jumping up and down thanking Azly for delivering.. Thanks Azizul! You definitely leashed out the creativity in us! He told us he wanted 2 sides and let us decide what is best!

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Thanks Aina and Mastura!!!

Thanks Aina!
The theme : Purple Princess
Well, Aina's daughter just love purple so we decided to top the cake with purple. The cake is a one-kilo-cake with ganache. We prefer to put ganache as topping as it's nicer with the cake. :D
Actually, Aina wanted Toy Story for the cuppies, but Toy Story is just so difficult to get. We do have a friend who can do it (custom order) but of course, the price is different from buying them straight from the baker's supply shop.

Another box for Aina for her daughter's geng Ngaji.. with princess theme..

This one is from Mastura.. it was a last minute order from a neigbour.. We were in the midst of baking for Mastura, when Mastura ordered this.. We were a bit confused at the time thinking that the former Mastura was calling to ask about her order :D Thanks Mastura!!

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