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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barbie! Yes, we are ready to cater Barbie Cakes finally!! :)

This Barbie has a looong story.. But.. what NinazCakes can say is.. we are ready to cater to more Barbies after this! This one is ordered by Ipah for her only daughter, Humaira... Though, it's written Yaya there, it was later corrected to Humaira.. and that's only part of the story ;).
The theme colour for this Barbie is Pink and Purple with tiny hearts.. We totally love this one!!

Here's the back view of the gown! [sigh].. If you can't resist this Barbie Cake, it's 2.5kg.. Other available colours are blue-white, green-white, and yellow-white.. If you would like to order other colour, just let us know.. but bright red is definitely out of the question hehe. Oh! For the Barbie.. you can choose either Moist Choc, or Orange or Simply Vanilla!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks Kak Yus!!!

Kak Yus is a close friend of our who happens to be our Moist Chocolate Cake and Raya cookies dealer hehehe.. So we decided to make something special for her son, Azam, who is celebrating his end of UPSR exam as well as his birthday.. So, it's a double layer cake for his double celebration. We loikee!!! Can still picture you jumping up and down admiring the cake!!! Surprise!!! If you'd like to order this cake, it's 2.5kg with confetti!
Thanks Kak Yus.. you have been so helpful during our hard times!! You're always in our heart!
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Thanks Kak Balqis!

Kak Balqis.. a big fan of ninazcakes.. no doubt! It's just a simple 1kg Moist Chocolate Cake with confetti! There'll another one in November, I guess? For the last birthday of the year! :) Glad your family likes our cake! pssst.. you might want to try our Marble Cheese Cake! It's even more sinful!
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Thanks Ainur!!

This was a last minute order.. you are one lucky cake lover, Ainur.. the upin ipin edible image is just available at the right moment! It's for her son at Taska.. We saw the pix uploaded at taska but can't publish it here since we haven't asked for permission! Thanks again Ainur!!!
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Ben 10 2-tier Birthday cake.. again! Thanks Yaya!

Thanks Yaya!

This time it's another BEN 10 theme! Can't get enough of our cake, eh Yaya! Hopefully Azim likes it as much as the grasshopper does.. Well, Mr. Grasshopper, those aren't real grass.. Here's a close up of Mr. Grasshopper.. even you can't resist our cakes, eh?
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Sweet 17! Thanks Elly!

It's a 3++kg cake and it's sweet 17.. Hope you like it, Elly..
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Friday, October 8, 2010

2-tier Birthday Cake with Edible Image

Finally.. 2-tiered birthday cake is on sale.. So, basically, it's 2.5kg and more than enough to cater a crowd of hungry people.. If the image you want is not available, or if you want to put your kid's photo on it, we have a friend who can customise it for you. Of course with additional cost! Do email us early if you are really interested.. :)

Upin Ipin Cake for Kak Yus.. for his son, Azam to celebrate with his friends.. From top view and side... This confetti somehow gives an instant uplift to the cake! I loikeee!!!
This one is another Upin Ipin Cake.. since our son keeps on begging to have the same cake!! It was a surprise.. the next thing we knew, everyone was picking 'who' to eat.. We had guests that night.. and the cake was more than enough for our special guests to tapau.. :)

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Digging up old hantaran pixs.. :)

This was our very first attempt to make wedding cake with buttercream last year. It was for our son's teacher.. Though it looks like fondant.. actually it's using a new method; steamed buttercream.. It was a 3-tiered-cake.. It was supposed to be bright red.. but we only knew after delivering, red needs to be mixed 2-3 days to get the colour.. [sigh].. and of course, you need to use a lot of red coloring.. we spent about RM20 just to get the coloring and yet still didn't manage to get the right colour..

A sample for Catherine.. who tasted my sister's chocolate cake.. she wants bright pink for her wedding.. It was one of the busiest days ever with the raya celebration, we only wrote with a marker pen and mailed it to her.. :D (marketing went real bad )..

I think if you're this blog's follower, this is no new for you.. the first prize winner for our giveaway when we first launced this webbie!
This one for an order from a friend.. our "Geng Bas Sekolah" member.. Actually she ordered a plain cake.. but we knew it was meant for hantaran.. so it was a surprise for her.. That morning.. I think she went jumping up and down.. hehe.. Thought you like it, dear!
Till now.. chow!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Long List of Cuppies

Wow! There'll be a lot of pix in this entry.. Been really busy catering orders and delivering and most of the time, attending open houses.. Finally Syawal is over..

S0, thanks to Aliza who ordered two boxes, 1 birthday gift and another for her.. She told us.. she heard it from her friend, Mastura, how 5 boxes were gone in a flash.. Thanks Mastura, for promoting :) we really appreciate it! Since Liza insisted she wants exactly like what Mastura ordered, we decided to put a Mini Cuppies Combo; with both topping and filling!
Now, this one's for Mastura. Her second order! I think I should thank my sister for promoting hehe.. (nanti kakngah buatkan kek special untuk Nabeel and Liyana ya!) She ordered 5 boxes for her occasion.. Different colour ribbon to differentiate between topping and filling. Glad you liked it Mastura. This was a gift for my Ustazah.. it was her birthday, so I bought it during our regular "ngaji" class. Thanks for loving it! Actually, Kak Balqis whose husband does not eat chocolate cake, said she's amazed how her husband can enjoy our cakes.. :) (flattering.. *blush*)
This one's for Yaya, who is also our regular customer.. This is the third time she ordered since June 2010.. Can't get enough of our cakes, eh? Hope the Taska kids love it!!!

Thanks Rohaizat.. sorry for all the mess.. Actually Rohaizat wanted to surprise her husband.. she ordered 30 cuppies for her husband's 30th birthday.. but then, the box squased 2 of her cuppies.. :( Hope you guys had a blast during the birthday celebration ya!

Not only that, we totally forgot that she wanted filling as well. We only realized after we finished doing the topping.. At the end, we still piped the filling.. Can actually see the hole.. errrkk.. Sorry ya Rohaizat.. harap tak serik nak order lepas ni.. ;)

These 3 boxes were ordered from Kak Na.. for her open house.. When we came to her house later that day.. the cuppies were gone.. She said the cuppies were finished in no time.. glad to hear that Kak Na.. Since she ordered during promotion.. she received 20 cuppies for free!!
This one.. for Kak Ati, also for her open house.. Since she ordered 4 boxes, she also received 20 cuppies for free!! Thanks Kak Ati!
Well, this one was ordered by Ati.. our neighbour. She wanted to try our sample of cake and we put everything in a box so that she can taste it.. It was one of her wedding favour project with her auntie.. Let us know ya Ati, if you want to order the cakes for the wedding favour.. In case you are wondering.. from left Mini Moist Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot Cake and Orange.. wait till we update the other cakes in our product! They are as moist as our chocolate cuppies! Last one for this entry.. our Mini Cuppies with edible image for Kak Ani. She wanted Ben 10 but somehow Ben 10 edible image was not available.. so she agreed to have Mr. Spidey instead.. Hope your niece like it!

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