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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanks Kak Ati!~

Thanks Kak Ati! We don't even know this meant for whom but we were told that it's gonna be for a wedding ceremony in Johor.. So, we tied a little ribbon to make the box sturdier since 5 boxes will be stacked all the way throughout the journey! Since they are gonna be in a car for a loong time, we suggested "filling".. Even if the filling melts.. it will make the cuppies even more moist! Hope they reach JB safely ;D
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thanks Kak Ati n Fuzah!! A..B..C..D..E..F..G..

Been postponing this entry :), 2 boxes ordered by Kak Ati and the other one by Fuzah. Kak Ati is not officially our dealer.. Thanks Kak Ati.. We are really impressed with the fact that Kak Ati is actually selling muffin and yet still promoting our cake! Semoga dimurahkan rezeki Kak Ati.. So, if you wanna order muffin, bluberry, vanilla or chocolate chip.. just let us know.. We wanted to put her number here but she's not ready hehe.. Whenever you are ready ya! We'll put a link here :)
The cuppies with alphabets was ordered by Fuzah.. who wanted us to write 1 - 42 hehe.. Dah xde keje ye Fuzah? Happy Birthday Fuzah! Semoga dimurahkan rezeki, amiin.. Let us know ya, if you need to order a 3-tiered-cake. ;D
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Double Yaya's Barbie in Blue.. oppsss Pink!!!

This design for this Barbie Cake was featured in Rasa Magazine by 2 young handsome chefs from Penang a few years ago. It was blue. For this one, our daughter was the one who gave the idea on how to work on the colour. It's an order from Yaya for her daughter, Yaya. So, it's a cake from Yaya for Yaya.. Actually, a few months ago, we baked a cake for our bestfriend's daughter, a mini Barbie in blue.. Well, Yaya insisted to have the very same but in pink! The mini Barbie doll was not available, we had to bake another bigger cake for the bigger Barbie doll. Strange but the doll looks like Anna Nicole Smith :)

Here's how Anne Nicole Smith waited to be transported. We used cling film wrapped around satay stick..
In case you are thinking of ordering.. we are very truly sorry that it's not meant for order yet.. he he (still in practice mode) Insyaallah, when when the time is right, we might.. who knows.. If you are still wondering why the cake is not yet open for sale.. just look at the mess we created in the making of this cake!

p/s In case you are wondering why we are baking this cake for Yaya.. Well, Yaya is our best friend, Ipah's, best friend, which makes her our instant best friend.. phew!
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Thanks Awin!

Never thought green looks amazing with the ganache.. it's green for the grass and i added a few drops of yellow for the border and the writing.. Actually, Yaya, Ipah (Awin's 2 craaazy bestfriends expected to see a 3D Ben 10.. ya right!!! Dream on).. Hope you like it Awin...

In case you guys are wondering.. it's 1.5kg cake + 1 kg cake on top.. My kids went crazy over this cake, insisted that they should have this too.. hehe

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Thanks Ustazah! Thanks to Kak Ati too!

Thanks for being such an ardent fan of our cakes, Ustazah! Actually, it's a gift for my Qirati teacher.. This cuppies were ordered by Kak Ati.. for her friend.. Since the cuppies are going south, Kak Ati insisted on filling for easy travelling..
We had to tie with ribbon... well, it makes the box sturdier when stacked. Hopefully the wedding went well!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NinazCakes in the Making!!! We are Thrilled!!!

It's hard when we don't have any business card.. Well, it has not been a problem before since our customers were all friends but now that we are expanding, we might as well get it done! Actually, the logo was created last year.. but we decided to change a bit with the advise of our advisor, our own Mom.. hehe

So, once we got the file from the designer, we tested it on a plain glossy sticker paper.. and try it on our plain white cake box! We love it!!!

Here's a close up..

Here's the logo before.. only a slight change on the box.. we really like the design (courtesy of a friend.. thanks ya, we really appreciate it!) He designed our funky looking business card.. We owe you, dear!!! By the way, ninazbeez is our registered name.. nina n azly of course.. Pray for us! Hopefully it's gonna be a smooth sailing!! TTFN..

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding Favour - Oaty Grated Choc Cookies - Thanks Kak Fauziah n Ipah!

Alhamdulillah.. we were overwhelmed by this bulk order. It was the very first time we had a huge order for this cookies to be used as wedding favour.

We were really out of hands and had quite a few sleepless night, trying to deliver on time.. though only 30 kilos initially ordered, at the end of the delivery.. it was added to a total of 56 kilos. Wow! what a marathon! We went to the wedding and found that they were packed like cute little handbag.. It was brilliant!! We couldn't think of anything better! :)Too bad, we didn't manage to snap a few pix.

Thanks Kak Fauziah and Ipah for recommending our cookies!!! We still owe you your Marble Shortbread, Sampret and Oaty Grated Choc Cookies!

Oh! By the way, the pix above is just 18kg of the cookies (in case you are wondering!)
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Crazy Confetti (Thanks Ida n Jannah!)

Thanks Ida, for ordering! Ever since my niece insisted to have the confetti on her cuppies, we're crazy about this confetti thing, hehe.. Glad that the cake was gone in a flash.. But then, this cake should be in my baking blooper.. I was just so lazy to turn the cake upside down, it's a bit bulging..

This next one was ordered by Jannah.. to her beloved hubby.. Thanks Jannah.. this is the second birthday cake for her hubby :) Semoga diberikan umur yang panjang dan kesihatan yang baik.. amiin...

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Thanks SMKPM!!!

We used to sell a mini loaf since 2006. Since it's rectangular, it's a bit tedious to work on the edges, so we decided to change the packaging. We opt for a round mini cake.. but then we need to work on the clear box.. It squashed the edges of the cake [sigh].. Perhaps next time, we should box it instead for easy travelling!

By the end of the day, the cakes were almost gone.. We were late that day, missed a lot of my friends.. normally there's no leftovers.. But thanks to our mom, the leftovers were gone the very next time.. She was more than happy to take them home :)

Thanks Pandan Mewah! Nice catching up with you, especially you Kak Naz.. I really do appreciate our friendship! Thanks to Kak Yus to, who helped us promote the cake! You're such a darling!!!
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