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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank You Kaklong n Liyana!

Alhamdulillah.. heard they were gone in a flash! It was Liyana, my niece, who ordered for her carnival at school. Glad you love the confetti! Too bad ibu's camera can't see all the detail! :(

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Lucky 1st Prize Winner, Anin!

We are really flattered with our 1st prize winner who apparently had to squeeze in their timetable during a very hectic weekend, travelling from Terengganu, Melaka and back to Terengganu! phew.. Anin and hubby (is it Muharram) and her cute little baby waited patiently at Kajang Sate Samuri for us to arrive! Glad that you enjoyed it Anin! Hope to see you soon with our next activity; babywearing! :)

So engrossed in the decorating, we wrote Alin, instead of Anin.. quickly corrected it.. hehe

So, here is their winning shot! One happy family.. it was noon and extremely hot! Poor both babies, we were chatting under the hot sun, but we really enjoy our brief meeting.. Anin's baby is such a good sport, lending baby Muhammad his baloon.. impressive!

Anin sent us her feedback and we really love it! :)

A nice super duper yummy cakeSuke sangat
the whole family like it...
will contact u later
And sorry for the topsy turvy meeting
love ur babywearing and super duper cute muhammad ( i guess this is the spelling)"

Thanks for the warm feedback, Anin! You guys rock!
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3rd Prize!

Assalaamu'alaikum.. it has been 2 busy weeks.. now that we have a little break, we'd better keep you updated. It was supposed to be a 1-kg-cake with scattered alphabet deco.. but then, we had another order from a friend and decided that it was easier to bake two 1.5kg cakes at one go..
so, Miza is really lucky for winning :) with her 1.5kg and tiger-theme scattered alpabet (apa la melalut ni... hehe).. Well, the scattered alphabet was decorated with orange chocolate that goes really well with chocolate! Of course, there was no space left on the cake, and our kids finished all the chocolate alphabet!

We have not yet received any feedback from Miza, hopefully, the cake made her day.. :) So, here is our winning shot!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wowee! What an Adventure!!!

Alhamdulillah.. finally, we managed to deliver 2 of the the prizes last week. First, we sent to Category A Winner - Ms. Bye who is really lucky. When we say, she's lucky, we really do mean it!!! She sent us the email just a couple of hours before 12.00 am. After being chased away by the security (he didn't shove.. hehe but his uniform gave me a freak hehehe) we managed to briefly meet (well, Bye had to open the car door herself because I was panicky, sorry Bye! You're such a good sport!) Thanks for uploading the picture! :)

Here's Sue, si manis 17.. our lucky winner for Category B, . Siap ada winning entry lagi kat blog! Cek sukaaaaaa! Thank you Sue, glad you enjoy the cuppies p/s yg makan cuppies kat blog tu anak ke adik hahahha..

Now, we are waiting for Anin for her 1st prize and Miza (3rd prize) from Kedah.. We do wonder if Miza will come here to get her prize... Kalau tak boleh.. we might have to choose another winner.. what say you? Catch up with you later.. I really have to stop facebooking and start working on my order hehe
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Congratulations Winners!

Assalamualaikum and good day! Alhamdulillah.. the winners' list is ready and we are really happy for you!!! [drum roll pleasssee]

Congratulations for those who win (and for those who didn't make this time, please don't feel sad! There will be more giveaways after this, insyaallah!)
Thank you all for participating.. We really appreciate it and overwhelmed with the warm welcome though we don't know most of you! Thank you for all your support and prayers..
Here are the winners as chosen by
Category A - 1st Prize (There's only 1 winner)..
A Box of 42 Mini Cuppies with Topping AND Filling :) worth RM40.00

Category B - 1st Prize
1st Prize - 1.5kg 'Hantaran' Cake worth RM120.00

Category B - 2nd Prize
A Box of 42 Mini Cuppies with Topping AND Filling :) worth RM40.00

Category B - 3rd Prize
3rd Prize - 1 kg Moist Chocolate Cake with Scattered Chocolate Alphabet worth RM35.00

For those who win, please let us know at least 3 days in advance (the earlier the better) when and where you prefer to collect your prizes! Don't forget.. prizes must be collected within 2 weeks :) and practice your best smile for your winning camera shot during delivery!
For those who have participated, zillion thanks! We love it, totally, and as a token of appreciation, we would like to extend our promotional price (refer
here) OR RM5 voucher if you decide to buy our non-promotional cakes! (specially for those who participated, within two weeks only :) )
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Final Entries .. Category A

A little bit more guys before we announce the winner! Good Luck guys! (awatnya organixer yg saspen hehe). So, here are the contestants for Categiory A!!

1. Qisza,
2. Hui-Wearn Tuan wtuan@hotmail.comzah
3. Izzah Ariffin ,
4. Leenda Yusof
5. Amanina,
6. sharina saidin,
7. chugie,
8. Nur Baizurah,
9. mohamad isfahmi Abu abdullah,
10. Nazahiyah Mohd Nor,
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Final Entries.. Category B

It's time that we choose our winners! Ini bukan announcement lagik tau! we're still checking.. takut2 tak masuk nama .. mesti sedih.. Anyway, if you've left your comment or sent us email, and your name is still not here, please let us know ya! :)
P/s pray hard you win coz there are only 3 lucky winners! Nina doakan sape yang betul2 teringin.. menang.. amiin...

1. Farrah Rahim @
2. cicakgirl @
3. shidasyakirin @
4. mama zharfan @
6. anin @
7. ummu umar @
8. sayapunyashawl @
9. norizan ibrahim @
10.Em's Family @
11. mira pika @
12. Mastura MY @
13. Nor Riza Md Johan @
14. Mazlinda @
15. tiefa zatie @
16. juliana abd samad @
17. Ney Ezzo @
18. dyrra rash @
19. nad adrenalin @
20. sue @
21. Mama Sara @
22. eily @
23. Syuzana @
24. aLy @
25.nEa FleriDa @
26. mier99 @
27. Haiza @
28. MIZA @
29. ila saleh @
30. bArdbOO @
31. Haslinda @
32. Roh aini @
33. akubukanpuitis @
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