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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks Kak Ariza, Ilah, Zue and Kak Farihah!

Thanks Kak Ariza.. Kak Ariza ordered the cake when she got our number from our dearest friend, Zue! Thanks Zue for promoting! As you can guest, Kak Ariza is a teacher! Selamat Pagi, cikgu!!! Here's the contagious cake ordered by Zue.. Long time no see, eh Zue.. Adam is already 1.. I remember we got pregnant almost at the same time! :D

This one's from Ila.. She asked us to cut.. but we dared not, in case they all scattered in the box! I'm sure the dialysis centre staff would have a heart attack looking at the scattered cakes hahahaha.. so we marked the cake 1" per square..

Thanks for ordering, Kak Farihah.. This one turned out nice.. Wait for our baking blooper entry for Kak Farihah's cake hehe.. In case you are wondering.. we do have baking bloopers! To err is human ;D


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