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Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding Favour

It's gonna be wedding season soon and ninazcakes has quite a number of wedding favour to choose from :)

Oaty Grated Chocolate Cookies

Actually.. these are chocolate chips.. but since we do not use chocolate chip but grated chocolate instead, we dare not put the word chip..

Do contact us for detailed pricing if you wanna buy in bulk :-)

What people say about our cookies
A friend told us.. her friend who happens to be a F&B manager said our cookies "setanding dengan Famous Amous" woweee!!! She really thinks we should start working on a new packaging and give it a new pricing :)
Thanks, you know who!!!

Another customer was sooo happy with the cookies that she doubled her order from 30 kilos to 60 kilos.. :) It was tiring but it's worth the smile :) When we went to her daughter's wedding... they were going "ooh" and "aah" to see us! Thanks Kak Gee and Ipah..

Marble Shortbread

Do contact us for detailed pricing :-)

What People Say about our Marble Shortbread
Mostly our regular customers really love the "Luxurious chocolate that covers all sides!
Crispy and flaky biscuits on the inside!

We remember having the marble shortbread for our sister wedding.. we had to hide them because the guests opened them straight at the table.. couldn't resist the temptation, eh! If only we snapped the pix.. [sigh]..

Do request for individual packed wedding favour.. :) You can save all the trouble of packing..

Mariami Gred AA


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