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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Double Yaya's Barbie in Blue.. oppsss Pink!!!

This design for this Barbie Cake was featured in Rasa Magazine by 2 young handsome chefs from Penang a few years ago. It was blue. For this one, our daughter was the one who gave the idea on how to work on the colour. It's an order from Yaya for her daughter, Yaya. So, it's a cake from Yaya for Yaya.. Actually, a few months ago, we baked a cake for our bestfriend's daughter, a mini Barbie in blue.. Well, Yaya insisted to have the very same but in pink! The mini Barbie doll was not available, we had to bake another bigger cake for the bigger Barbie doll. Strange but the doll looks like Anna Nicole Smith :)

Here's how Anne Nicole Smith waited to be transported. We used cling film wrapped around satay stick..
In case you are thinking of ordering.. we are very truly sorry that it's not meant for order yet.. he he (still in practice mode) Insyaallah, when when the time is right, we might.. who knows.. If you are still wondering why the cake is not yet open for sale.. just look at the mess we created in the making of this cake!

p/s In case you are wondering why we are baking this cake for Yaya.. Well, Yaya is our best friend, Ipah's, best friend, which makes her our instant best friend.. phew!


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