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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Cuppies

Our cuppies come in only 1 size. We know it's frustrating but then ever since we started selling cuppies, this is the only hit. The big size is just too big and the smaller size is just too small. We decided that it would be easier to stick to one size and once you look at the price, you won't be frustrated anymore. :)

Mini Cuppies / top slightly less than 2"

Minimum order = 1 box

Box of 42 pieces
- with a choice of topping or filling
- Can't make up your mind? You can have both :-)

Box of 42 pieces
- topping and filling

So, having a hard time choosing whether it should be filling? Keep on reading!

Choose Topping if:
1) you love to see the ganache to believe it
2) you don't mind the chocolate on your teeth
3) you just love licking the topping before eating the cake (believe us, some of our regulars just love licking it off the cake hehe)

Choose Filling if:
1) you love it squased in your mouth
2) you plan to travel with it so having the filling will ensure they remain presentable
3) you plan to eat the whole cuppies in your mouth.. trust us it's nicer..

Choose Both if:
1) you are just addicted to chocolate
2) you don't mind the extra sweetness
3) calories just do not bother you

Happy drooling!


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