We are only available for self pick up at Taman Sutera, Kajang.
All cakes are exclusively baked for you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Order

1. Check our schedule at the right side of our website. You can also check our announcement on free delivery date to certain areas.
2. If your date is still available,
3. Choose which cake you want to order (with the size and quantity)
4. Decide the pick up area or self collect (please refer to the delivery time and pick up area)
5. Copy the details below and mail us @
6. Wait for our comfirmation, we will let you know our account number as well as the amount to be paid (we do have a small amount of delivery charges.. in case you didn't notice, hope u don't mind)
7. Make the payment and sms or mail us the payment detail i.e how much, reference number and time of payment. (Thanks in advance!)
8. See you during delivery! Voila!

Copy this, fill up the details and mail it to us..

Name :
Contact Number (preferably your hp no.)
Cake: eg. Simple Cake 1.5kg / 9"
Anything to write on the cake (applicable to cakes only not cuppies):
Delivery Date:
Delivery Time:
Pick up Area:

Having it baked home made with lots of love, the decoration might vary from what you see at our website (pssst.. especially the position of the roses if you order 'hantaran' cakes :)

oh! just in case, we do not provide the cake cutting service (it'll be a definitely messy cake by the time it reaches you lol...


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